This will likely become one of many posts concerning our beloved Los Angles Lakers. I have been a Lakers’ fan for as long as I can remember, dating back to early 80’s when Showtime redifined basketball as we now know it. In fact, it was a member of that incredible showtime cast that I proudly call my favorite player – Ervin Johnson, the one and only Magic man (I will obviously post another quote at another time, dedicated to the man).

Now for this season, let’s turn our attention. This has been the most pivotal season since the Lakers acquired Shaq and Kobe. The additions of Paul Gasol and Fish-stick (halleluja), the improved play of Farmar and Sasha, the trimming of fat (I praise the day Kawame was jetisoned to a far of place), and the emergence as what can perhaps be foreseen (dare I say it) as the second coming of the Captain – Andrew Bynum (who needs a new nickname since baby bynum no longer flies).

Of course, the nucleus of the team remains in Odom and of course Kobe. Kobe has taken so much criticism in his still young career, but has emerged the leader we know he can be. I have to many friends who still downplay the significance of this Wunderkind, who is exactly that, a once in a lifetime asset. I will elaborate on Kobe’s impact in another post).

This season is now at a critical juncture since the Lakers must integrate their injured players before the season ends so we can get a feeling for the playoffs of what units function best. Now, I’d like to assume the injured (including dear fish, with his play-through-pain tendon injury) will remain pain or injury free, but that is probably to optimistic of a slant. Chances are, during the course of the postseason, we will further feel the bite of the injury bug, and Phil will need to transform the make-up of the units that go to battle for Lakerdom.

However, as much as the injuries and Lakers’ on court alignment will come into play, I don’t think this is the most critical aspect of the current squad. The chemistry with whatever players we put on the court will be critical, and this starts with Phil, and to a larger extent Kobe. Kobe needs to shy away from those high scoring efforts that we all know he is capable of doing. Even if he shoots a great percentage, this seems to alienate some of the other teammates that are on the court. This is not entirely Kobe’s fault, since who would you rather having taking the bulk of the attempts during a Lakers game? Or is this in itself the key to this season? The Lakers need to involve their big men when they return to the lineup, and get away from the hoisting of 3-point shots. If you live and die by the 3 point shot, in a seven game series, you almost always end of going down.

So it is then a challenge to you, dear Kobe, to lead your Lakers (and it is your team) to the promised land by providing the oil to make the cogs work. Yes, you are the biggest cog in the machine, but it is your responsibility to recognize this and to enable this to run effectively and efficiently. At the end of the day, you will always fill up a stat’s sheet; I just feel, you need to focus on assists and above all Leadership as the season wanes, and the Post Season begins.

This will not be an easy post-season, and whatever team rises to the top will have an eagerly awaiting Boston Celtics team that will be a daunting task to say the least. I believe we can do it this year, even if the future holds even more promise. Kobe, get the team in gear and let’s win another title for your beloved fans!

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