Trust me, there are worse things that can happen then losing a critical blog post (incidentally, that just happened to this, although not critical, post), an excel spreadsheet or a well-written word file: Server Problems. Server Problems Suck. This error invokes a greater error then just your own online environment, since there are often times […]

    January 2008
    M T W T F S S
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      I woke up one night; I was not sweating, although I did decide it was time for me to put my creative mark on cyperspace. I previously had a useless, tired blog that pretty much stunk up the internet. But alas, no more; the day of reckoning is up on us, a new energy has bubbled from my loins, and with the bubbling will come additional useless “Juicy Morsels and Tidbits For All to Graze.”

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