As some may know, I read the LA Times cover to cover, just about every day, sometimes to a fault when the days’ news is done (hell it’s already a day late), but I refuse to take the chance of somehow missing something worth reading. Which brings me to David Lazarus.  David is a business […]

I was reading an LA Times the other day and ran across an articles on the state of Ireland’s economy, and what more of an appropriate time to discuss Ireland then on the brink of good old St. Paddy’s Day. So, I guess there’s a running joke among the Irish that goes something like this:  […]

I think not–both sport the Green and Gold and both teams are underdogs that come to play every day.  In fact, these two relatively obscure sides have delivered their fair share of championships, with the A’s the third all-time leading World Series winners, with 9, and the Bok’s with two World Cup Rugby titles under […]

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